Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Note 01

Teaching is a full time job. Lesson planning, individual attention, pedagogy, work sheets, student tantrums, counseling, demonstrating processes and techniques, disciplining, assessment, report writing skills (all thanks to Kokila Katyal, Rekha Krishnan, Malvika Vohra and Charu of Vasant Valley School) portfolio guidance, mentoring and many more! It is huge task- a job needs great aptitude and tremendous organising and archiving skills and extreme patience.

It is challenging, hectic and very draining, especially when you work in high end schools like Mallya Aditi and Vasant Valley. The Other side is, probably the most enjoyable of it all, is the interaction with young and brilliant brains. Adolescence and pre- teenage group is a dynamic world of its own kind. They test and tease you to the bottom of your coolness, yet they are examples of great optimism. I am very lucky to have excellent students all through the last ten years (oops!). Most of them take up courses in Art and Design at Colleges and Universities of great repute in India and across the world. Few of them from the first batch I taught are now professionals and doing well.

By the end of a day at school one feel very drained. There is hardly any energy left in you, it is drained by the noisy classroom/students and by constantly talking to them and coordinating various departmental activities and reporting. Every day I get up with a lot of thoughts in my head and then by end of the day, I go to bed with a lost feeling of not able to do any of my own work, my own creative career, the real stuff! ‘When Baala’, some good friends often ask! Meanwhile (last 10 years) the young Indian Art become happening all over the world and gleaming in glory it looks brilliant. Some time I feel frustrated and depressed about what am I doing, or to be more correct, what I am not doing. Why I am not able to work like all others- Just to sit and work for a few hours a day for myself? I know that there is no point cribbing, right? Better do it, Yeh?! Yes, Yes hopefully soon! Ha Ha, Baala we all are hearing it for some time! The same good friends and Priya (my wife) would respond.

Jokes apart, it is a serious concern. Any way I do some project planning and preparatory sketching etc… It is slowly happening. I had two shows in 2010.

Meanwhile for fun in school I started photographing. Mallya Aditi with it beautiful white walls and corridors and its environment provided me a little ‘possible space’ to shoot, without the need to stretch beyond the situation. It is an attempt to keep me sensitive to the spirit of ‘rasa’, and may be, like the songs I like from the late 70s and 80s Malayalam film songs of the so mentioned middle cinema, I am fascinated by its gentle charm and the evocative silence. I had two shows in 2010 which is a good development. I also get inspired by some of the projects that students do in school and a new set of works are in the process.

February 2011

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